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Category: Middle School (8th Grade)

Robert Salb

Mr. Salb started his career as the first ever youth director of Epikos Church in West Allis. While working as the youth...

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Megan McIntyre

Ms. McIntyre was born in Wisconsin where she grew up with her mother, father and older brother. During her college years, Ms....

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Anna Luberda

Ms. Luberda graduated from Marquette University in 2010. She then spent a year of service in Pryor, Montana on the Crow Reservation...

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Patreece Terrell

Ms. Terrell is an agent of change and has a passion for education! She believes that ALL students CAN learn and have...

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Jody Thorpe

Mrs. Thorpe was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Her husband and two sons moved to Wisconsin 14 years ago. Mrs. Thorpe...

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