High School Administration Manager (SAM) (Bilingual)

Central Office Staff • 2020-2021

Organization Description

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is a K4-12 Christian School that opened on Milwaukee’s Southside at 2607 S. 5th Street in August of 2017.  The school is a student-centered environment where young learners take ownership of their education not only in academics, but also physical health, creativity, and faith.  Our graduates will go on to achieve their highest potential and make our city, and ultimately the world, a better place. The school currently enrolls about 1,400 students. 

Position Information

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is seeking a candidate to fill a full-time School Administration Manager (SAM) that is bilingual (Spanish/English) for the high school. 

Research makes it clear that effective school leadership is critical to improving student achievement.  School principals are under increasing pressure to maintain a high level of student achievement at high performing schools.  In order to address this demand, principals must have more time to make high-quality teaching and learning the top priority of the school. One of the major components of the project involves the establishment of a position, the School Administration Manager (SAM). This position is responsible for performing a wide range of duties associated with the demands of managing the school building and campus, as specified in this job description.  

Job Description

Reporting structures: Bilingual SAM for the high school will report to the High School Principal


The successful candidate will be able to build strong, trusting relationships, use utmost confidentiality and discretion, and discern the needs of the school to best support the leaders’ focus on instruction. The work environment possesses many interruptions and the successful candidate must demonstrate a tactful, warm, friendly and competent public demeanor while completing job duties in spite of the work demands. Ability to work without supervision.

Demonstrate knowledge of office operations, practices, clerical skills and procedures as well as ability to operate a variety of office equipment and work with school systems (Infinite Campus, Schoology, Go Guardian, HR Suite, Kickboard, Google documents/sheets, Google meets, Zoom, etc.) Accuracy in daily work and strong verbal and writing skills in English and Spanish. 


  • Degree in business administration (preferred) with work in educational institutions; Degrees in education will be highly considered.
  • Experience in a busy work/school environment; able to multitask.
  • Spanish/English fluent.
  • Participating member in a local Church.
  • A belief in the ability of every child and a commitment to ensure excellence for each student.
  • Lastly and most important, the candidate must demonstrate and possess the highest integrity. and be able to live the values, beliefs, and culture of St. Augustine Prep.

Detail Areas of Job Focus:

Administration Management

All Phases
  • High capability to serve and be of service to the school leaders.
  • High belief and ability of building trust with the school leaders, teachers, and families.
  • Know the work of the day-to-day school environment so as to minimize distraction for the school leaders from instruction (student discipline and learning/teacher support and development).
  • Meet daily with each administrator to assist with scheduling of events with the strong use of time trackers, charts/graphs and reflective questions to help school leaders see, analyze and reflect on the leaders work/impact on instruction and student achievement that includes focusing on supporting teachers.
  • Remove and take-on any events (meetings, reports, work, etc.) that are not instructionally focused from school leaders.
  • Engage in specialized SAM training and work with the assigned coach. 
  • Develop systems within the school to limit principal/administrator time spent on  management/operational work. 
  • Assists the principal/administrator focus on instructional,  rather than managerial/operational, tasks.  
  • Assist principal/administrator response to parents and/or community concerns and complaints.  
  • Manage a variety of school administrative functions for the purpose of enforcing school, District,  federal and state policy. 
  • Assist with the formulation of and implementation of policies, procedures  and/or processes for the purpose of providing direction and/or complying with mandated  requirements.  
  • Manage emergencies brought to their attention, deciding on the best course of action and either  dealing with the situation if appropriate or referring it to the principal/administrator. 
  • Manage all school scheduling, special events, field trips, cafeteria, transportation, recess/lunch,  etc. 
  • Coordinate transportation of students to and from school, field trips, and special activities.  
  • Plan and provide schedules for special activities, and bell schedule.
  • Plans,  manages and supervises extra-curricular programs. 
  • Plans for and provides orientation, transition,  and school program information to students, parents, and staff.  
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned to assist in the flow of information amongst staff and/or families.

Registrar/ Bursar

Initial Phase Year 2 Phase (may occur in year 3 or later)
  • Manage the schools master schedule on Infinite Campus.
  • Set up accounts on Schoology and Go Guardian.
  • Print report cards, promotion/graduation letters and reports, and transcripts.
  • Register all faculty, staff and students for classes each semester including summer.
  • Enter and manage all fees/charges to faculty and student accounts.
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned to assist with scheduling, registration, and fees.
  • Work in conjunction with schoolwide registrar and bursar, when/if position is enacted.


Initial Phase Year 2 Phase (may occur in year 3 or later)
  • Assist the enrollment department as needed with families enrolling to Aug Prep; may include making copies, contacting parents, meeting with the enrollment team, special education personnel, and/or school leaders.
  • Data entry of essential student information into student management software.
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned to assist with enrollment of families.
  • Make decisions on enrollment of families in conjunction with the Enrollment department. Communicate if needed with the Principal.
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned to assist with enrollment of families.


All Phases
  • Assist in the high school purchasing process, including order initiation, receipt of goods, and payment
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned to assist with enrollment of families.

Human Resources

All Phases
  • Process time off requests from high school faculty and staff.
  • Oversee payroll for clubs and stipend work for high school faculty and staff.
  • Assist in review of high school hours with HR department.
  • Secure substitutes for class coverage for staff that require coverage.

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Non-Discriminatory Policy

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law when hiring, promoting, establishing wages, or providing benefits.

As a faith-based institution based on biblical principles, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy hires employees who agree with the school’s Mission Statement and Statement of Beliefs and adhere to biblical standards of conduct.

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