Samantha Wolf Art Teacher /

Samantha was born in Waukesha, WI. She received a double-major in art and art history at UW Wisconsin Madison. Samantha graduated and went directly into teaching at three Title I schools on the south side of Milwaukee, creating a curriculum and art program for approximately 420 students. After moving to just one school location, she privately tutored students and offered learning support to struggling groups of students in addition to her duties as an art teacher. This past year, an art show was put on for the 4th-8th grade students displaying over 400 pieces of artwork. It was during this time that Samantha decided to pursue my Master’s in Art Education.
Last Year, Samantha accepted a job working as a private art instructor working at the Conservatory of Music and Arts. In this position, she teaches students anywhere from 4 years old to 20.
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