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Alyssa Suminski

Mrs. Suminski began her career in education at HOPE Christian School: Semper as a 1st grade teacher in 2013. This experience ignited a passion for urban education. HOPE Christian School: Semper taught her the fundamentals for engaging families and higher level expectations for all students. After 2.5 years here, Mrs. Suminski wanted to get even more experience in the field of Special Education.


With this new goal for using her certification in Special Education, she was hired at Oriole Lane Elementary in 2015. There Mrs. Suminski worked with a variety of students and classrooms. It was a wonderful experience and was able to grow immensely in both roles as a 1st grade teacher and special education teacher.


After her second child, Mrs. Suminski stayed home with her new baby and toddler to raise them. She has been so thankful for that time to be home with her children while they were young. In 2020, her son was old enough to start school, so she jumped back into the education realm and was so excited to be back! Mrs. Suminski will be in her third year as a SPED teacher at Aug Prep. She will be continuing to collaborate with teachers to work with our students in special education.


Mrs. Suminski earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Cardinal Stritch University. In 2022, she earned her master’s degree in Innovation and Leadership from Wisconsin Lutheran College.