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Amanda Tomasovic

Ms. Amanda Tomasovic is an enthusiastic and compassionate educator who has a true dedication to the fields of science and education. Ms. Tomasovic is a proud alumna of a small, Catholic, liberal arts institute, Alverno College, where she has achieved degrees in biology and broad field science, as well as her Wisconsin teacher certification in 6th – 12th grade science. Alongside completing her bachelor degrees in December of 2015, she had been concurrently pursuing student teaching on the job at Catholic Memorial High School teaching a variety of academic levels of science including accelerated, honors, and college credit curriculum. She has since been continuing to develop and facilitate curriculum to classrooms of diverse students at the secondary level (9th – 12th grade) pertaining to both physics and biology. She believes she has truly been able to grow as an adaptable and devoted educator from this experience, as well as from the opportunities she had achieved throughout the pursuit of my bachelor’s degrees and teacher license. Due to her academic accomplishments at Alverno, she had been nominated and served in multiple positions pertaining to science education including instructor assistant, laboratory assistant, study group monitor, peer mentor, and peer tutoring positions. As she continues to hold such high standards for herself throughout her career as an effective secondary educator of science, she is devoted to always providing meaningful learning experiences and consistently holds high expectations for her students as well.

Ms. Tomasovic believes her main goal as an educator is to provide her students with the knowledge and skills necessary to aid them in achieving their utmost God-given potential and abilities. Ms. Tomasovic is beyond thrilled to be a part of the Aug Prep family, and she cannot wait to learn and grow even further as an educator alongside her students!