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Family Newsletter

Aug Prep students keep growing!



Dear Aug Prep Families,


We know our students are special: hard working and ever-growing in their education and their faith. We are proud that our students continue to aspire and achieve!


This time of year, the results of various state and federal tests get announced. They all are looking at how third through eighth grade students are doing compared to what is expected at their grade level.


While students both locally and nationally reported discouraging drops in reading and math scores, Aug Prep students continued to grow.  


For example, the Wisconsin Forward (state assessment) data shows that Aug Prep students performed strongly in both ELA (English Language Arts) and Math.


 In ELA, Aug Prep increased the percentage of students proficient or advanced by 5.4 percentage points. In contrast, the state average dropped nearly 4 percentage points from spring 2019 (pre-Covid).

In math, our scores grew 3.6 percentage points during COVID while the statewide percentage of students proficient or advanced in math dropped 4.2 percentage points. 


Why did Aug Prep students grow while others did not? While many factors go into these assessments, I look first to the teachers, staff and families who love, support and equip our students. In a student-centered environment such as ours, every decision we make is with their growth and development at the forefront - mind, body and soul. 


All Aug Prep 2021-22 parents of third through eight grade students received their student’s individual scores in August. We encourage you to join us for parent teacher conferences on October 21-22, 2022 with any questions or concerns. 


Thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with your children every day. Thank you for walking with us on this journey. Because of the love and support of you and others, our students are not only seeing – but believing – in their potential, and one day will go out into the world as change makers for the greater good.


With gratitude,


Abby Andrietsch

President & CEO

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy