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There is no school like Aug Prep. It is a place where the love of Jesus radiates through the halls. It is a school where we constantly push each other to learn, grow, and improve. Working at Aug Prep is not a job, it is a calling.
We fiercely value family and work/life balance, but we are also incredibly driven to serve our students and to serve God. There is an urgency to the work we do because every moment matters for our kids. Everything we do is child-focused. If there’s something we can do to serve our kids–we will.
Working at Aug Prep can be challenging. It can be exhausting. It can be overwhelming. But it is also incredibly beautiful. Energizing. Rewarding. Empowering. Everyday we are making a difference in the lives of our students. Everyday, we are shining Christ’s love throughout the city of Milwaukee.  We hope you'll join our team!
Check out our annual report here.
Best Places to WorkVoted as a Best Place to Work by the Milwaukee Business Journal, hear what leaders, teachers and families have to say about Aug Prep:
"Aug Prep creates a nurturing, safe and Christ-centered environment that allows for staff to feel great to be a part of an amazing school." - Aug Prep Staff Member
“This is one fantastic place. Sure, it’s a nice building. But what’s important is what goes on inside. We’re going to take to the streets about what we saw at Aug Prep and how marvelous of an operation this is.” -Aug Prep Staff Member
"Aug Prep is a great place to work. There are so many caring staff. Wow! And admin? They go above and beyond for their teams!" - Aug Prep Staff Member 
“I have worked for two other school districts, one public and one private and I have never before felt such a warm and connected support system than what I have found at Aug Prep. As I frequently share with my friends, Aug Prep is not a Christian school in name only, but in action as well. We at Aug Prep are the living embodiment of Jesus’ call to love one another. I cannot believe how blessed I am to call Aug Prep not only my place of work, but my mission field. I am humbled by the love and grace everyone has shown me.” -Aug Prep Staff Member
"Aug Prep is a wonderful place to work where employees are valued! It's also a very positive place to be!" - Aug Prep Staff Member
“We really wanted our kids in a school that has their best interests in mind and helps grow their faith and knowledge of God. Aug Prep offered that…Aug Prep offers lots of smiles! From staff to students! A community within for sure! That’s what makes me feel safe and comfortable with sending my kids there.” – Malena, mother of 3 Aug Prep students