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Gwendolyn Lazenby

My name is Gwendolyn Lazenby. I grew up in Bellwood, Illinois and moved to Milwaukee to attend college at Marquette University. I always knew that I wanted to work in education, so in college, I majored in Educational Studies and English Language Arts, graduating with my Bachelors of Science in 2023. 


The past 4 years I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer within various classrooms in the MPS system; in each one, playing a different role from classroom assistant to student support services. I absolutely loved every chance I had to get to know new students and practice the skills I’ve been learning in the classroom. I am deeply committed to doing my part in the quest of education equity. Outside of school, I enjoy painting, drawing, roller skating, writing, and spending quality time with friends and family. 


In the future, I plan on going back to school for both a Masters and PHD program to continue my interest in research about school/community partnerships. 


I’m so excited to be a part of the Aug Prep team and to grow into the educator I aspire to be.