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Jayda Hoerres

Ms. Hoerres is passionate about giving all students access to the highest quality education possible. She believes that all students will learn in her classroom and she strives to create the safest environment possible for students. Ms. Hoerres starts every class with prayer because she believes a relationship with God is the most important lesson she can instill in her students. 


Ms. Hoerres was born and raised in Melrose, Wisconsin, which is a small town on the west side of the state. She traveled to the eastern part of Wisconsin to attend Concordia University Wisconsin, where she majored in mathematics and played on the women’s hockey team. Upon graduation, she started her teaching career at St. Marcus Lutheran School, where she helped her 8th graders make major math gains for many years. Ms. Hoerres also holds a Master’s Degree from WLC in Educational Leadership and Innovation. Ms. Hoerres is joining the Aug Prep team with the hopes of continuing her impact in the classroom. 


Ms. Hoerres recently got engaged! In October 2023, she is getting married to the most amazing man who is committed to following Christ. Her new name will be Mrs. Luckett! In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and watching the latest Netflix series.