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Caitlyn Shipp

Ms. Shipp, originally from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, completed her bachelor’s degree with a
double major in Christian theology and English literature at the College of Saint Benedict and
Saint John’s University in 2021. After graduation, she earned a Master of Theological Studies at
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry in 2023.
During her master’s program, she produced several visual art pieces illustrating the depth of scriptural interpretation.

Her interdisciplinary educational background invites the intersection between Christian theology
and the fine arts. She believes faith seeking understanding involves creative inspiration. She
hopes to embolden and empower her students with art that serve the Gospel as vessels of

Ms. Shipp joined St. Augustine Preparatory Academy in the 2023-2024 school year. Though
primarily a painter and photographer, Ms. Shipp is also skilled in sculpture and book arts.

Outside of the classroom, she loves animals, hiking, and creative writing. She cannot wait to
share her love of Christ and the fine arts with her students!