Aug Prep Weekly Reminders and Updates 3/1-3/7/21

Attention Families of Juniors (11th graders)!

Aug Prep will be offering free ACT tutoring to 11th-grade students to prepare them for the ACT national test on March 23rd. Tutoring will be done after school from 3:25-4:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on March 2nd.

We encourage all 11th-grade students to attend as tutoring will help ensure students do the best they possibly can and give them as many college options as possible. This tutoring will also help make sure that students meet the Aug Prep graduation requirement of scoring an 18 or higher. Check your email from the HS for more information.

Click here to sign your student up!

WINTER LION LAPS (A parent engagement activity)

WHEN: Mondays - 6 to 7:30 pm

3/1 - 4/26

Our gymnasium will be open for Aug Prep Parents to walk/run around our indoor track! Join the Winter Lion Laps Challenge! This is a great way to meet other parents, stay active, destress and connect with the Family Engagement Team while following COVID safety procedures.


Download the Nike Run Club App on your smartphone. You will use this to measure the distance walked each time you come to Aug Prep. Each week after you've completed your walk/run, your distance will be updated on the whiteboard for all to see your progress. TIP: 10 laps around the track = 1 mile

NOTE: Walks can only be done at Aug Prep to be counted.

  • All participants must wear a mask AND practice social distancing.
  • Adult activity (sorry no students/children permitted)
  • Bring a water bottle!

Before you arrive

All parents must complete the following forms in order to participate.

This form you only have to complete ONCE.

This form you must complete EVERY time before you come in.

Any questions please reach out to Ms. Rocha at

Relaunch of our Adult Volleyball Games

WHEN: Mondays - 6 to 7:30 pm

2/22 - 4/26

We're excited to relaunch our Aug Prep Parent Volleyball Team! All skill levels are welcome to join. We will meet every Monday from 6 to 7:30 pm for 10 weeks starting Monday, February 22 (a calendar will be provided on the first day of practice).

This is a great way to stay physically active, meet other parents, build community and destress!

COVID Regulations:

  • Parents must complete a wellness check each time before entering the school. More instructions will be provided prior to the first day of practice.
  • Parents must wear a mask and practice social distancing (no exceptions).
  • This team is for parents only. Students of any age WILL NOT be able to attend.
  • Check-ins will be conducted from 5:45 to 5:55 pm.

Before you arrive

All parents must complete the following forms in order to participate.

Register here.

This form you only have to complete ONCE.

This form you must complete EVERY time before you come in.

Any questions please reach out to Ms. Rocha at

Aug Prep Parent Licensed Barbers

If you are an Aug Prep parent with a barbers license / Barbershop and are willing to provide discounts to Aug Prep students, we welcome you to share your contact information so that we can internally share it with staff and families!

Please email to provide your business information.


We continue to be so thankful and proud of our students, staff and families for your part in keeping our community safe.  As a reminder, it's important you report all COVID symptoms or exposures to us. Please report COVID symptoms, positive tests, exposures or travel using this form or by calling the school at 414-810-1380.
Below is an update of our current quarantines and COVID cases. Thank you for your partnership on this journey!
As of Date Symptoms Travel Positive Close Contact Positive Test - Students and Staff Positive Rate
2/5/2021 19 0 2 0 0.00%
2/12/2021 17 0 0 0 0.00%
2/19/2021 14 0 2 0 0.00%


YMCA After School Program

Did you know that we offer YMCA after-school care until 6 pm, Monday through Friday and they accept WI Shares as a form of payment? Students follow a structured schedule with time for play, homework, physical activity, and snack/dinner!

Registration is easy! For more information, please call Lizandra at 414-662-4291.

Please note: Wisconsin Shares will be temporarily increasing their subsidy rates which means more support for families that would like to use our YMCA program or are using our program. This is a great time to join!

Click here to learn more about WI Shares. Boletin en Español aqui.


Sixteenth Street Clinic New Behavioral Health Clinic on National

There is no problem too small. We are here for you. We are excited to open our new National Avenue Clinic on February 15th and support you and your family through our behavioral health services. We are now accepting appointments - make yours today, call 414-672-1353.

Our Services Include:

Outpatient Behavioral Health

Full range of out-patient behavioral health services for individuals and families, including children, adolescents, couples, and adults. In group and individual sessions.

Substance Use Disorder Services

Help for families and individuals who are experiencing problems related to alcohol and/or drug use. Prevention, education, treatment, and aftercare services available.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Additional support for adults to help manage behavioral health needs in day-to-day life. Some services may include peer support, employment help, nutritionists, and wellness activities like yoga or meditation.
We accept everyone, whether you have insurance or not. If you do not have insurance, you will go on our sliding fee scale and pay a percentage of your care based on your family size and income.

Free Smoke Alarms

With temperatures going down house fires are increasing, especially as space heaters are used more often. If you are in need of a smoke alarm for your home the fire department can provide you with a free smoke alarm by calling 414-286-8980. If you have smoke alarms in your home make sure you check the batteries once a month to ensure they are working properly.



Our arrival process in the mornings ends at 8:15. If you arrive later than 8:15, you will need to wait and be checked in. You cannot drop your student off at the curb and have them walk up, it is in violation of both our school drop-off plan and safety plan.

Regardless of your arrival time, families are expected to follow all processes and treat all Aug Prep staff with respect. Please know that all of our processes exist to keep our students and staff safe and healthy.

Mask Up and Social Distancing

Please remain in your vehicle and please make sure everyone in the vehicle is wearing a mask.

Also, in order for us to efficiently dismiss students, we ask that EVERYONE use the PikMyKid app. Instructions on how to use the app are here. If you have any questions, please call the office Monday - Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.


No students may be picked up between 2:30-2:45 pm without prior approval from the principal. If a family arrives at 2:30, they need to wait until dismissal.

Office Hours

No Chromebooks may be dropped off 2:30-3:30 pm (they may be dropped off any other time we're open 7 am-5 pm.
The office is closed 2:30-3:30 pm. We will not accept any visitors or drop-offs. We will likely not be able to take your call.

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