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Every morning, Aug Prep students wake up to challenges. Yet, when they enter the doors of Aug Prep, they learn they can not just escape their neighborhood, they can be the ones to change it.

This is the power of Aug Prep in Milwaukee. 

This is the power of hope in a community.

The $42M project will break ground in March 2022. The new facility will serve K4-5th grade students opening in August 2023 with 120,000 square feet. An additional 6,500 square feet in the current space will allow the expansion of 6th-12th grade students, for a capacity to serve up to 2,400 students. The school will continue to primarily serve low-income students of color in Wisconsin neighborhoods where access to excellent schools is limited.

BE THE BOLD - The campaign for courage in education

To be leaders that positively impact Milwaukee, young people need the opportunity to attend an exceptional school. St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is that school. Be the BOLD addresses St. Augustine Preparatory's 4 Pillars:



A focus on Biblical integration connects faith to everything at Aug Prep: student action, teaching, athletics, and extracurriculars. A recent partnership with the Association of Christian School International, and a theme around Micah 6:8 will provide staff the tools they need to help students grow in their walk with Christ and expose more families to faith.



The new building includes special education spaces and a family engagement office. The school will support more families with access to community resources. An expanded atrium in the current building will allow the community to gather before and after school events.



Aug Prep's expansion will offer more opportunities to Milwaukee students to obtain an excellent, rigorous college preparatory education. Korb and Associates has designed forty new classrooms, STEM labs and a library.



Plans include additional art and music classrooms and a black box theatre, which will also serve as a meeting space for the community. The new building will feature two new gym spaces, two new outdoor activity spaces, and expanded locker rooms to accommodate the growing athletics programs.


When Aug Prep was first under construction, the neighborhood was wary. They'd been promised a lot of things and they'd seen a lot of those promises broken. As the building started to go up, neighbors would come to watch. They'd take tours even if they didn't have school-age children. And yet, still, many didn't believe it would happen. They didn't believe it was for THEM.

Yet, that's exactly what Aug Prep is all about. This giant, beautiful building might feel out of place in the neighborhood where it sits. You'd probably expect to see a school like this in an affluent suburb. But why not inner city Milwaukee? Every child, regardless of ZIP code, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status deserves an Aug Prep. Aug Prep restores hope and trust to a broken city.

There's no school like Aug Prep in Milwaukee. Likely in the country (trust us, we've visited hundreds). While there are many schools that excel in one or two of the four Aug Prep Pillars, it's hard to find a school as BOLD as Aug Prep in declaring that it's not just about academics - it's about the whole child. It's especially rare to see that in a school serving low-income students of color.

BTB Stats

current impact

The Near South Side is home to about 68,000 residents, of which are 66% Latino. The median age is younger (27.5) in the Near South Side than in the City of Milwaukee (31.6), the largest age group being 0-4 years old, and household sizes are larger (3.4 persons per household compared to 2.5).


  • 77 students graduated as our inaugural senior class.
  • 59 (77%) have received at least one acceptance to a 4-year college; total of 257 acceptances to 4-year colleges or universities.
  • Average ACT: 18.3 (WI state overall average 19.8; WI Latino Average: 17.4; Milwaukee Publics Schools Average: 15.4).
  • Average ACT growth (Fall 9th to February 11th): 5.6 points, twice the national average.
  • 41 were accepted to Marquette University.
  • 21 Aug Prep students awarded the All-In Milwaukee Scholarship.
  • Total dollars awarded $6,875,328.
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Parents and students are looking for high-quality schools in Milwaukee no matter what neighborhood they live in. With an achievement gap already one of the worst in the nation, students in Milwaukee cannot afford to lose learning time.


aug prep census tract (2011-2015)

Dropout rate
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Aug Prep's new building & expansion will offer:

  • 40 additional classrooms for art, music, science and special education
  • Library
  • Full-size gymnasium
  • Family engagement office
  • Rooftop playground with gardening space
  • Stem labs
  • Improved fitness center & locker space
  • Expanded atrium for larger athletic & community events
  • Full-size theatre

How you can be the bold

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Gifts and pledges will support future opportunities for Milwaukee students.

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Live on in future generations through a bequest or trust gift.

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Volunteer for networking opportunities for our students, or provide internships.

Make it Fun

Attend our fundraising events to celebrate with others the impact you make.

Imagine what BOLD things these students will do because of your support.


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