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Working at Aug Prep is unlike working at any other school in Milwaukee.

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This is one fantastic place. It’s only been open three years and it’s incredible to see. Sure, it’s a nice building. But what’s important is what goes on inside. On every level, at every turn, we saw kids on good behavior. We’re going to take to the streets about what we saw at St. Augustine and how marvelous of an operation this is.”

-Local school leader

“I have worked for two other school districts, one public and one private and I have never before felt such a warm and connected support system than what I have found at Aug Prep. As I frequently share with my friends, Aug Prep is not a Christian school in name only, but in action as well. We at Aug Prep are the living embodiment of Jesus’ call to love one another. My friends, family, and even church family have been impressed by how much support I have received from Aug Prep, which shows how unique Aug Prep is in this world. I cannot believe how blessed I am to call Aug Prep not only my place of work, but my mission field. How did I get so blessed? I am humbled by the love and grace everyone has shown me. ”  

-Current staff member


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