Christian Studies Curriculum

St. Augustine Preparatory offers a comprehensive and excellent Christian Studies Curriculum. Through this curriculum, we seek to cultivate in our students a love for God and his word, a deep knowledge of the grand narrative of Scripture and the Christian tradition, and the ability to eloquently articulate one’s own faith commitments. In addition to our Christian Studies Curriculum, each student begins the day with a devotional practice that engages Scripture.

Lower School (K4-5th)

Our lower school students inhabit and wonder about the grand narrative of scripture in Godly Play. Rooted in the work of Maria Montesorri, Godly Play leads students to wonder about and imaginatively engage with the Bible. Through Godly Play students develop a deep understanding of the grand narrative of Scripture, and learn to make connections between the Bible and their own lives. Lower School students spend time each week in the Godly Play, which is, itself, a physical embodiment of the Bible.

Middle and High School (6th-12th)

Our Middle and High School students learn about the Bible from a knowledgeable instructor who invites them to engage with the stories in their original context, and to relate those stories to their own lives. For our older students, biblical instruction focuses on teaching the Bible as one big story. Our older students will also engage and debate the great theological questions that have been handed down by the Christian tradition.

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