Enrollment Information

Proven Academic Growth

Our juniors grew their composite ACT scores by 5.6 points in just 2.5 years compared to the national average of 3.0 points; 10th grade students improved by 4.2 points in two years compared to the national average of 2.25 points.

This state we are tremendously proud of - The average composite score was 18.28, with the highest being 27. In Wisconsin, the average score for economically disadvantaged students is 16.9

Athletic Opportunities

75% of our students participate in extracurricular activities.
Traditionally we offer:


  • Anime
  • Art
  • Bible
  • Book
  • Chorus
  • Conservation
  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Robotics
  • Speech and debate
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Council
  • Theater (including drama, lighting and sound, production, stage and building and props)
  • Workout
  • Yearbook


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross country
  • Dance team
  • Futsal
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swim
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Weight training


We are proud of the statistics that show our students have achieved academic success, but also are excited to share that all of our students have the opportunity to take visual arts, music and drama classes every year.

All students have opportunities to explore arts and athletics during the school day, as well as through a number of afterschool clubs and teams. Students take classed in fine art, drama, music physical education and water safety. Over 75% of our students are involved in after-school offerings as well.

Other resources at Aug Prep include a full-time art therapist onsite to help our students cope with any traumatic issues that interfere with their academic and social environment, as well as a middle school spiritual retreat that focuses on art creativity to grow their relationship with God.

Preparing our students for college

At Aug Prep, our students from elementary, middle, and high school are provided post-secondary opportunities that prepare them for life after they graduate high school. Our students are connected to university programs that expose them to different careers and encourage them to grow in their field of interest.

We currently offer over 30 different pre-college programs they can join! As of 2017, 472 middle and high school students have participated in pre-college programs.

During this summer, 140 of our middle and high school students participated in 25 pre-college programs across the state, despite cancellations due to COVID.

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