Frequently Asked Questions

Family / Enrollment

How do I enroll my child at Aug Prep?

First, complete the Choice application online. Click here for Choice application link. Submit any documents listed at the end of each application before the listed deadline window for each application period. For guidance, please contact our main office at 414-810-1380.

When is open enrollment?

Open enrollment usually runs from the 1st day to the 20th day of each month (i.e. February 1st - 20th) until August.

What grades do you offer?

2018 - 2019 School Year = K4 - 4th (elementary), 6th & 7th (middle school), 9th & 10th (high-school)

2019 - 2020 School Year =  K4 - 5th (elementary), 6th - 8th (middle school), 9th - 11th (high-school)

2020 - 2021 School Year = K4 - 5th (elementary), 6th - 8th (middle school), 9th - 12th (high-school)

2021+ = K4-12th grade

Is there a cost to attend Aug Prep?

Tuition is $9,500 for K4-8th and $10,000 for 9th-12th. There are limited seats available for tuition based students, as well as a limited number of scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. To learn more about scholarships, contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Mrs. Esmeralda Rocha, at 414-810-1380.

Why our school?

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy (Aug Prep) is named for St. Augustine of Hippo, whose teachings are among the most important in all of Christianity.

  • St. Augustine’s life is an example of how God uses a broken vessel to do his work. Even though he sinned grievously, he eventually entrusted his whole life to God.
  • St. Monica, Augustine’s mother, shows us the important and lasting role family plays in the spiritual well-being of children.
  • A great Christian theologian whose teaching strongly emphasized the concepts of original sin and salvation by grace.
  • St. Augustine taught us that our humanity is rooted in God’s grace, not in money, power, fame, pleasure or any other earthly good.
  • An extremely intelligent man, St. Augustine strongly believed in the importance of developing critical thinking skills. He viewed learning as a lifelong endeavor.
  • St. Augustine believed in individualized instruction, encouraging teachers to consider their students’ individual needs.

St. Augustine’s views on education and his complete conversion to a life of grace and dignity inspired the four pillars upon which our school is founded.


To learn more about our Family engagement and enrollment, visit our Family website or click here.


What curriculum does Aug Prep use?

We have analyzed several curricula in every grade level and content area in order to identify the best options for our students.  We believe that curriculum is a tool to be utilized by a highly effective teacher, but every student is different and must be approached as an individual.  We have identified “power standards” in every grade, with rigorous end of year goals for students. Teachers will have a variety of tools and guides to help them pursue those goals, while still respecting the individual teaching style of the teacher and the academic needs of the student.

What do you mean by personalized learning?

We strive to provide each student with what they need to learn and continue lifelong learning. For some students this may mean after school or WIN-time tutoring; for others it may mean additional ‘challenge’ classwork to keep the student engaged in learning. Mainly, for most students and on a daily basis, personalized learning will consist of modified learning activities to meet students where they are in their learning and challenge them to master the power standards.

Are you a bilingual school?

No, Aug Prep is a monolingual school. Students may be offered Spanish classes as an ancillary subject, however, these classes alternate and may not be offered every year. Parents may not request an ancillary subject as they are assigned by grade level and availability.

What ancillary classes are offered at Aug Prep?

We offer, Visual Art, Drama, Music, STEM (engineering, computer science, and biomedical sciences), and Physical Education (including water safety/swimming).

Are all of your teachers certified?

Yes, all of our classroom teachers are certified instructors. Because we recruit teachers from all over the country, there are teachers that are working with out-of-state teaching licenses.


To learn more about Academic standards and practices, visit our Academics page or click here.


What faith/religion is practiced at Aug Prep?

St Augustine Prep is a non-denominational Christian School. We desire our students to understanding scripture and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. To this end, our students will have the opportunity to study the Bible and Christian theology in the classroom. They will also attend regular chapel services.


Because we believe that Jesus asks us to follow him in every aspect of our lives, all of our classes will be taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview. Students will have the opportunity to learn from teachers who understand how the Christian faith informs their teaching and their subject areas. Students will be challenged to find connections between subjects like science and literature and a Biblical worldview. In all that we do, we hope to show our students that the gospel powerfully informs the way that Christians live the whole of their lives.


Note: We do not offer communions at Aug Prep.

To learn more about Aug Prep's Faith practices, please visit our Faith Page or click here.


What sports do you offer at Aug Prep and for what grades?

  • Boys/Girls Soccer Teams (6th & 9th Grades)
  • Boys/Girls Basketball (6th & 9th Grades)
  • Coed Futsal (6th & 9th Grades)
  • Coed Cross Country (6th & 9th Grades)
  • Coed Track (6th & 9th Grades)
  • Coed Swimming (1st - 9th Grades)
  • Girls Volleyball (6th & 9th Grades)


  • Our school does not offer Football
  • We will be opening more sports as our enrollment increase (i.e. baseball, softball, lacrosse)
  • If you are looking for an after school activity for students ages 4 - 13, we also offer the YMCA wrap around program. Please contact the main office at 414-810-1380 for more information.


Do you need a sports Physical to participate in a sport?

Yes, any student participating in a sport must have a physical clearance form on file prior to starting any sport. Click here to download the Physical form.


Do all students received swimming classes?

Yes, all student starting from K4 through 12th grade will be offered swimming classes during the school day at no cost to the parent. Students with a higher level of swimming have the opportunity to join the swim league after school. There is a cost associated with the swim league after school.


To learn more about Athletics at Aug prep, visit our Athletics page or click here.


The Schroeder YMCA Swim Team teaches introductory swim and water safety courses at our school’s state-of-the-art aquatics facility. They also coach club and high school swim teams at our school. We also plan to partner with United States Swimming to provide water safety and swim lessons to other neighborhood schools.


Ascension Healthcare provides medical services to students and in the future will serve parents of students. There plans include to develop and teach a health curriculum for all grades. Ascension Healthcare will also help teach a series of high school courses to prepare students for careers in a broad range of medical professions.


SSCHC will be providing basic non-emergency health care services in our Pat and Rachel English Clinic. All St. Augustine Prep students and their family members may receive services at the in-school clinic. Family members include all household members.





Quick Facts

History: Founded in 2016

Pre-Accreditation: Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation

Campus: 12 acres

Current Enrollment: 1445

High School (9th) = 560 students

Middle School (6th)= 351 students

Elementary School (K4-3rd) = 534 students

Average Class Size: 23.2

Students Receiving Choice Funding: 99.31%


What are the school hours?

All students must be seated and ready for learning in their assigned class by 7:45 am. Doors open at 7:20 am for breakfast. School classes end at 3:45 pm. Dismissal time for students participating in after-school activities will depend on the sport/club they join.


Does Aug Prep offer transportation?  

We do not offer transportation. The majority of our families pick-up their students, others are walkers/bikers and a few ride the city bus. We do not offer bus tickets.


Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes, all students are expected to be in uniform every day. School uniforms will differ for the elementary, middle and high-school. In order to maintain a consistent style for all students, we do require for all students to purchase tops and bottoms from Goldfish Uniform Store located on 9901 W Oklahoma. Below is the school uniform guidelines:

Elementary Students

  • Black/Grey polo shirt with school logo
  • Khaki pants (girls have the option to wear khaki skort)
  • Black/Brown shoes (not required to purchase at Goldfish Store)
  • Black or brown socks (not required to purchase at Goldfish Store)
  • Gym attire: Aug Prep t-shirt and shorts
  • Optional: Sweaters and vest with school logo.

Middle School Students

  • Black polo shirt with school logo
  • Black/brown shoes (not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  • Black or brown socks (not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  • Khaki pants or skort (sitting at the waist of the student) with a black or brown belt
  • Gym attire: Aug Prep t-shirt and shorts
  • Optional: Sweaters and vest with school logo.

High-school Students

  •  White button up shirt with school logo and tie (for both boys and girls)
  •  Khaki pants or skort with black/brown belt (belt not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  •  Black/brown shoes (not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  •  Black/brown socks (not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  •  All black bookbag with no logo (not required to purchase at Goldfish)
  •  Gym attire: Aug Prep t-shirt and shorts
  •  Optional: Sweaters and vest with school logo.

Note: Uniform expectations are written in our Parent/Student Handbook. No skinny pants or shorts allowed for any grade level. Uniform checks are conducted every morning at entry.

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