The Ramirez Family Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Nov 30, 2020 / In the News

Two words describe the giving philosophy of the Ramirez family: all in.

The family behind Waukesha-based Husco International doesn’t just fund schools in Central America; they regularly visit to make sure the schools are offering quality education. They don’t just encourage employees to give to United Way; they match the giving, and Husco president and chief executive officer Austin Ramirez is co-chairman of this year’s campaign.

“They don’t just talk about the stuff they care about; they really dig in,” said Amy Lindner, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County. “They make their personal investment in things that they’re really passionate about.”

The biggest example of the family’s all-in mentality stands on Milwaukee’s south side at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy. The Ramirez family funded most of the building and established the framework for the school. Austin’s sister, Abby Andrietsch, is the school’s chief executive officer.

 “They’re a real treasure to the entire community,” said Ricardo Diaz, who retired this year as executive director of the United Community Center serving Milwaukee’s Latino community.

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