Angelica Munoz High School Fine Arts Teacher /

Ms. Munoz was born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee. She attended Mount Mary University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education in 2014.

During Ms. Munoz’s educational career she participated in several art exhibitions including a senior fine art exhibition showcasing her undergraduate work. Ms. Munoz worked on a volunteer art project to help bring art back into the German Immersion School of Milwaukee. She also taught art classes for a group of homeschooled children for a semester at the university.

For the past two years Ms. Munoz has been teaching middle school art in an urban setting in Milwaukee. She has had the opportunity to work with the Milwaukee Art Museum the past two years through the Junior Docent School program. Through this program Ms. Munoz has helped introduce and reinforce art elements, vocabulary, history and creative writing to students while developing critical thinking skills.

Ms. Munoz has joined St. Augustine Prep as the Fine Arts Teacher.

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