Autumn Yong Middle School Special Education Teacher /

Mrs. Yong enjoyed being a passionate and dedicated 3rd-grade teacher in Milwaukee. There she fell in love with teaching as she witnessed the impact she had as a strong role model in students’ lives reaching their minds, hearts, and souls. Autumn Yong received her bachelor’s degree in education from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.

Additionally, she served as team leader in which she coached the third-grade team on the reading curriculum, established goals for the team and students, and made essential decisions pertaining to the unit plans and daily lessons. Mrs. Yong strives for excellence in her teaching as well as in her commitment to leadership. In fact, in April 2017 Mrs. Yong was awarded the Early Educators Promising Pioneer Award by Carroll University’s Chair of Education.

Mrs. Yong is thrilled to be a part of St. Augustine Prep’s team! She will continue to strive for excellence in her teaching and in her team collaboration. She is excited to reach all her students and to see them grow through meaningful and engaging lessons.


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