Bridget Jackson 6th Grade Literacy Teacher /

Bridget Jackson was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her love for Milwaukee caused her to return when she attended Marquette Univeristy to study Elementary Education and English Literature. Determined to be a prepared and strong urban educator, she became a member of the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) while attending Marquette. Through CfUT, she had a chance to learn best practices in urban teaching. She also had the opportunity to teach 5th and 2nd grades with CfUT’s summer school program.
After graduating from Marquette in December of 2014, she became a part of the LUMIN school network beginning as a full-time substitute teacher, and then as the third-grade teacher at Renaissance School in Racine. She greatly enjoyed teaching third grade, especially while watching her students’ love of reading grow as they began to tackle longer chapter books and become independent readers.
Bridget is excited to be a part of Aug Prep’s team and take on the new and exhilarating challenge of Middle School ELA. Dedicated to having a growth mindset, she does not allow the words “I can’t” in her classroom, unless immediately followed by the word, “yet.” She believes any student willing to put in the work and effort is capable of anything they set their mind to. She is particularly excited to tackle new and challenging texts with her middle school students and have lively debates on thought-provoking literature.
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