Danilo Rivas High School Special Education Teacher / DRivas@augprep.org

Mr. Rivas was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up learning biblical principles at a very young age through parochial schooling. He graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in December of 2011 with a degree in psychology and bioanthropology. After graduating from college, Mr. Rivas spent the next few years working almost every type of job imaginable before deciding to apply to work for MPS at the advice of his father.

In 2014, he was hired by MPS as a special educational assistant for a school on the South Side. He discovered that not only he enjoy working in education but being an educator came naturally to him. In 2015, he pursued a teaching license and was hired as a special education teacher later that year.

Mr. Rivas is excited to start a new phase in his career and help St. Augustine Prep and its students achieve all their goals.

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