Eric Hanrehan High School Music and Choir Teacher

Mr. Hanrehan began his career in music education as a substitute teaching at Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, New York. Later he found a position teaching at the Bronx Charter School for Children, a school serving a diverse community in the South Bronx, New York City.
He later found a position working with the Paul Effman Music Service, a company dedicated to providing music education to private and Catholic schools across New York. He taught general, instrumental, and vocal music in several Catholic Schools in Brooklyn and Queens during this time. It was here where he realized his desire to teach in a Christian environment.
Mr. Hanrehan has performed professionally with his primary instrument French Horn in addition to vocally across New York City. He has sung in many churches of varying denominations across the city of New York as well. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Brooklyn College with a major in Music Education.
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