Glen Allen Middle School Bible Teacher /

Mr. Allen began his teaching career in 1999 as a seventh grade English teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools. Part of the Compton Fellowship Program, he taught at Christopher Latham Sholes Middle school on the city’s south side, holding students to high standards while fostering strong bonds with staff, students and their families.

He then taught seven years at Samuel Morse Middle School for the Gifted and Talented on the northwest side of Milwaukee. Using best practices and research-based strategies, he challenged students toward rigorous expectations within a gifted and talented curriculum. Mr. Allen celebrated the talents, experiences and cultural diversity of the school to push students toward high levels of critical thinking, peer respect and understanding as well as an overall appreciation for various cultures. Teaching eleven years in Milwaukee Public Schools helped Mr. Allen grow as a teacher, mentor and community support for goals associated with the overall success of our youth.

Following his service at MPS, he joined the staff at Milwaukee College Preparatory School to teach seventh and eighth grade U.S. History. During his tenure of seven years, he also taught proactivity lessons, facilitated restorative justice circles and motivated students to reach academic, social and personal goals. In addition, he traveled to El Salvador with students and staff as part of a service mission in collaboration with a local school and its community.

Mr. Allen created Kingdom Come Consulting, a mentoring and community service organization in which he mentored young men in grades 6-8 throughout Milwaukee schools for two years. He also spoke at local events to develop strong relationships between kids in the face of racial discrimination, poverty, and other regional and national concerns.

He joined St. Augustine as a middle school Bible teacher in June of 2019. In collaboration with staff, he will teach the Old Testament to students, sharing the importance of God’s word, our faith as Christians and the service we owe toward others.

Glen Allen earned a bachelor’s degree at St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois as well as a master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction from Marquette University and a principal’s license from Cardinal Stritch University.



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