Jesse Perez High School Interventionist

Mr. Perez graduated from Judson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a pre-law concentration. He spent three years working at The Boys and Girls Club in Elgin, IL, as an Activities Specialist and Lead Site Coordinator. There, he fostered a passion for empowering disadvantaged youth. Mr. Perez moved to Milwaukee in 2015 to pursue a career in teaching.

Mr. Perez began his teaching career in 2015 as a summer school teacher at St. Marcus School, through the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT). In the Fall of 2015, he was hired at Cross Trainers Academy. There, Mr. Perez spent four years developing curriculum for and teaching middle and high school Social Studies, Bible, Rhetoric, World History, US History, Economics, Speech, and Civics. He was also trained in Trauma Informed Care, and incorporated Second Step interventions in the classroom. In 2017, Mr. Perez was able to develop a curriculum for a History of Milwaukee class, where his students were able to tour the historic Bronzeville neighborhood and learn about key events during Milwaukee’s struggle for Civil Rights. In 2018, he and his students participated in the Social Development Committee and attended the Summit on Poverty where they were greeted by guest speaker, and anti-racism author and educator, Tim Wise. Through his unique experiences, Mr. Perez has cultivated a passion for education and maintaining high expectations for young people, inside and outside of the classroom.

In his spare time, Mr. Perez loves to play tennis and earned a tennis scholarship during his time at Judson University. Mr. Perez has also coached tennis for 11 years, working with his alma mater Larkin High School, Elgin Country Club, and through private lessons in both Illinois and Wisconsin. His goal is to continue his coaching career at St. Augustine Prep with the hopes of creating new opportunities for future student-athletes.

Mr. Perez and his wife, Julia, love traveling, camping, hiking, reading, photography, and spending time with their family and friends.

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