Kristi Rivas High School Spanish Teacher /

Kristi Rivas has spent most of her adult life as an educator.  Her passion for the Spanish language and culture was born in high school when her family fostered a foreign exchange student from Spain.  After traveling to Spain, she invoked on a mission to study Spanish in college and traveled abroad to several Spanish speaking countries, settling in Guadalajara, México after graduating from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In Guadalajara, Kristi not only taught at the University of Autónoma of Guadalajara, but began her own English Institute which grew to 240 students.  She provided English classes to local and international businesses whose employees worked professionally with the United States.  After spending 12 years in Guadalajara, she returned home and continued teaching.

For seven years, she taught at two Illinois elementary schools as a Bilingual and a Dual Language Teacher, creating curriculum for both schools, mentoring her peers, and forming a community outreach program to cultivate student learning and family investment in education.  

Most recently, Kristi has been a Student Leader for Miami University and a Co-teacher/ Assistant while focusing on her Master’s of Arts in Biology from Miami University of Ohio and graduated in December of 2018.  

Kristi is excited to teach Spanish at St. Augustine Preparatory Academy.

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