Reid Van Dunk Elementary School Physical Education Teacher /

Mr. Van Dunk began his career as a 3rd-grade teacher in Milwaukee, WI. His first placement was at Saint Margaret Mary’s Catholic school. He enjoyed his time teaching youth in an Urban setting and knew that he wanted to continue his work in Milwaukee.

His education journey continued by teaching at Bruce Guadalupe for three years. In this time he taught in a 5th grade classroom that emphasized instruction in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. During the 2018-2019 school year Mr. Van Dunk taught abroad in Shenzhen, China at Buena Vista Concordia International School. During this time he learned a great deal about Chinese culture and it’s passion for education.

He came on board as the Elementary School P.E. teacher for Augustine Prep in June of 2019. Mr. Van Dunk will oversee the development of our students fitness and wellbeing.

Reid Van Dunk earned a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

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