Sara Weir Girl's Volleyball Coach /

Sara Weir began her volleyball career in 5th grade and continued to play through middle and high school. During college, she played in several recreational leagues. After returning to Milwaukee, Mrs. Weir began coaching women’s volleyball at her Alma Mater, South Milwaukee High School. She spent two years at the freshman level, leading both teams to win seasons and back to back championships at the Whitefish Bay Invitational. In her third year of coaching, she coached at the junior varsity level. During this time, Mrs. Weir also assisted with the varsity women’s team.

During the off seasons, Mrs. Weir coached both 7th and 8th-grade girls, focusing on team building and developing skills. Currently, she still enjoys playing as much volleyball as she can, playing in several leagues throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor.

In addition to coaching women’s volleyball, Mrs. Weir is an Instructional Assistant with the K4 program.

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