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Your financial gift provides a student with a scholarship to Aug Prep--all students attend our school tuition free! We could not provide the exceptional services we offer without your help!

Volunteer Connections

We welcome you to share your talents, learn more about the Aug Prep culture and engage with our students. Click below to explore volunteer opportunities in and outside of Aug Prep.

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Tell A Friend

Spreading the word about our school is the most important way you can contribute to our mission. Complete this form if you know someone who you think would be interested in learning more about our school. We'll reach out to them! Note that this is not intended for enrollment purposes--if a family is interested in learning about our school for possible enrollment, please click the "Enrollment Information" link at

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Host A Party

Have a group of friends, some co-workers, or a professional network who you want to tell about Aug Prep? Host a party! We'll do all the hard work (food, program, etc.)--you just invite your friends! Click here to get more information.

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