A parent or student may request a transcript at any time for use with post-secondary education, scholarship, summer programs or any academic program application or competition. A 72 hours notice is required and a Transcript Request Form must be completed (see below).  This form will let Aug Prep know if the transcript is unofficial or official.  Official transcripts are stamped with the school seal and are send (sealed) to the designee. Official transcripts are free up to 5 copies, after that there is a $2.00 cash fee. Unofficial transcripts are free at all times. Transcripts related to transfer requests must follow the student transfer policy.

A school or institution who is requesting a transcript must have official permission from the parent, in writing, to the school. The parent/guardian will be contacted for verification. A Transcript Request Form must be completed by the parent/guardian for release of an unofficial or official transcript.

Note: Transcripts are updated at the end of every academic semester with credits, GPA and class rank.


Transcript Request Form


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