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Patricia Frank

Ms. Frank started teaching swim and running swim programs in 2006 for pools all over the Milwaukee area. Her passion for swimming started at a young age, when she began swimming on a swim team at age 6. She swam all through college while also running a pool during the year. She learned throughout the years how much exercise helps, in many ways in balancing life out. Ms. Frank played many sports throughout her years in school.


After college Ms. Frank ran various YMCA pools and swim schools, while also coaching swimming, softball, and volleyball for various Milwaukee Area High Schools.


Ms. Frank created the swim lesson program that we use today for all of our Augustine Prep swim classes. She also started the Lil Lions swim team, and runs the after school swim lesson program Schroeder Swim School here at Aug Prep.


Ms. Frank believes in building kids up to be strong student athletes, while also teaching them hard work, discipline, and good communication. Her goal is to make strong leaders of the future through water exploration, lifeguarding, coaching, and hopefully teaching!