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Eric Hanrehan

Mr. Hanrehan grew up in Brooklyn, NY and moved to the Milwaukee area in 2019. He received his Bachelor of Music with a major in music education back from Brooklyn College. His primary instrument is French Horn and is also a vocalist.


Since graduating, Mr. Hanrehan has been teaching in the classroom and private music lessons for over 10 years. He has taught instrumental and vocal music during this time. He also has taught all grades from K-3 to high school. Mr. Hanrehan has taught in all enviroments from Public Schools in Brooklyn, NY to Charter Schools in the Bronx, NY to Catholic Schools in Queens, NY.


Mr. Hanrehan believes that music education is vital to a quality education and a successful student. He remains committed to make sure a great music education is available to all children from all communities and have students appreciate God’s gift of music.


Mr. Hanrehan is currently a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Choir that sings with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. He looks forward to continue to work with all the children of Aug Prep with their diverse backgrounds and families.