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Mr. Montes has been mentoring young Christians since he was a kid himself. At 17 years old he became a Sunday school teacher at St. Adalbert Parish where he taught Confirmation for 2 years. He then became a member of St. Raphael’s Adult Youth group for 7 years where he served in annual retreats and volunteered in many charitable events in the South Side of Milwaukee. Today he is the Adult Youth Coordinator at St. Adalbert Parish, while still helping at St. Raphael. He believes in helping wherever it’s needed and whoever needs it.


Mr. Montes graduated in 2015 from The Art Institute of Wisconsin with a Graphic Design and Marketing Degree. He worked at some reputable design agencies for 5 years, but found his calling in teaching. His mission is to help kids find God in their everyday activities, from a warm welcome in the morning to helping them overcome personal and educational obstacles. With God by our side, nothing is impossible.