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Matthew Roth

Hello there! My name is Matt Roth, and I am the elementary school Drama teacher here at Aug Prep. My goal in teaching is to help students reach beyond their comfort zones and find their own voices in all aspects of life.


Drama is such a wonderful outlet for students to discover their true nature. The sheer amount of characters available in books, plays, and movies allows them to experiment with emotions and their imagination in a multitude of ways. It is truly wonderful to see a student come to grips with who they are through a character. Conversely, they may also discover something they didn’t know about themselves as well! All these possibilities are a joy to discover, and are what drives me to meet the needs and wants of my students.

Teaching Drama to such a young audience has not only helped them grow, but reminded me of where I came from. Experiences such as these are what make teaching a truly magical profession.