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Bertha Gonzalez Rodriguez

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I went to College at the “University of Guadalajara” and
graduated from school of tourism. I worked in a travel agency and I worked at the public relations office of a former Mexican Indy Car driver (Adrian Fernandez).
In November 1996 I decided to come to Milwaukee to spend one year working and go back to Mexico, but in August 1997 I met my husband (already for 25 years) and stayed here. We have two kids, my daughter 23, graduated last year from DePaul University in Chicago and my son 20, a junior at UW Madison.
I've worked in different fields through these 26 years, service, production, receptionist, human resources administrative assistant, and started our own small cleaning business on 2013, etc.
After volunteering at my childrens middle schools and high schools I realized that I enjoyed the environment with the kids and families.  With this I made the decision to work at a school, and now I am a part of the St. Augustine Prep team. 
I am very thankful to God for everything I’ve done and I believe in the power of prayer and