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Corrinne is an active writer, podcaster, and educator originally from Eagle River, Wisconsin. She attended St. Norbert College, and excelled in the teacher education program, actively working towards educating others on anti-racist teaching and practices. Corrinne focused on becoming an effective educator in metropolitan areas, specifically working towards providing equitable education for marginalized groups and educating others to dismantle various systems that prevent students from succeeding.

She moved to Tema, Ghana in 2019 to teach middle school and study the Ghanaian education system with the intention to return and apply her findings. While in Ghana, Corrinne excelled in blogging and podcasting, establishing a large and successful platform.  Her work shone a light on ongoing social issues.

Corrinne then pursued her passion for systemic equity and joined the Teach for America 2020 Corps. She taught 7th grade English, putting her vast knowledge of anti-racist education into action all while maintaining the Practice What You Teach blog and podcast. As of late, Corrinne is co-writing a book. She is thrilled to be putting her passion for equitable education and talent for writing to work at Aug Prep.