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Alec Lenczner-Bagdasarian

"Mr. Lenczner-Bagdasarian began his teaching career where he grew up in Racine Unified School District as a substitute teacher. Since, he has worked in Milwaukee Public Schools for the last 5 years teaching Elementary and Middle School students.
Mr. Lenczner-Bagdasarian has a Kinesiology Degree as well as a 1-8 Elementary Education Degree from the University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Mr. Lenczner-Bagdasarian has a passion for health, nutrition, exercise, and play, and is excited to help foster a lifelong love for his children in physical education.
Mr. Lenczner-Bagdasarian is a basketball enthusiast and has coached boys and girls youth basketball for the last 5 years. 
Lastly, in his free time he enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling to state and national parks."