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Ms. Laboy was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She graduated from Ronald Reagan High School and she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Growing up, Ms. Laboy had various relatives that worked in the school system, and this sparked an interest in her from a very young age. She has always had a passion for working with the youth in her community and has been determined to make a difference in their lives, and she believes that being here at Aug Prep will give her the opportunity to do so. Ms. Laboy is confident that God has placed her in this school to grow, as well as to help each student become confident in their abilities and aspirations.


Ms. Laboy is a Sunday school teacher at her local church and believes that every child has a God given purpose. She is also a worship team leader and is involved in various other ministries at her church. Upon graduating, she wishes to continue her education and earn her Masters in Educational Psychology. She is very excited to be a part of the St. Augustine Prep community!