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Rachel Schulz

Mrs. Schulz grew up in Milwaukee. She attended St. Rita’s School for K-8, and then Alexander Hamilton High School. It was in high school that she first became interested in teaching. As a member of the peer mentoring program at Hamilton, Rachel found tremendous joy in mentoring fellow students, collaborating with them to achieve their unique learning goals.


Mrs. Schulz earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012, with minors in Natural Science and English/Language Arts. She views the physical world as an amazing and fascinating gift from God and values the opportunity to study it daily, in the classroom, to increase her and her students’ understanding and appreciation of it.


Mrs. Schulz is a mother to two wonderful children and a wife to a fantastic husband. They love to be outdoors whenever possible. They feel an obligation to protect nature and are avid recyclers. They take joy in traveling and exploring in their state and beyond. Most of all, they are thankful for each day they get to spend with one another, and for all of God’s blessings.