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Itsha Velez Acevedo

Ms. Vélez is an avid and passionate teacher that has taught academics (also through the use of music and movement) in Puerto Rico in a Christian environment combining into her teaching spirit, body and soul (Luke 10:27). She has also developed and taught a curriculum in Holocaust Studies through the lens of social and Christian values for high school students.


Ms. Vélez was the academics director of Perfume de Alabanza, a worship and dance ministry founded in 1993, that developed classes and workshops to engage children and adults in worship and a biblically sound foundation.


Ms. Vélez earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Education. She loves to travel, learn about different cultures and bring that experience to the classroom. She is excited to be part of the Aug Prep family and be able to share with her students and co-workers all that the Lord gifted her with, by His grace and for glory.