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The Boys & Girls Club offers after school care for students 4-13 years of age. Hours are from 3:45 to 6 p.m. Interested parties must fill out the application.
Rated "Exceeded Expectations" on state report cards.
Named "2020 Best Place to Work" by the Milwaukee Business Journal.
Current Enrollment: 1,500 Students
High School: 617
Middle School: 341
Elementary School: 542
Sitting on approximately 12 acres, Aug Prep's campus includes an Olympic-sized indoor pool, a gymnasium, weight room, and an outdoor athletic complex with a track and turf soccer field.
As part of the school's curriculum, all K4 through 12th grade students take a water safety course.
It all started in 2016.
The Ramirez family committed to investing in a new school on Milwaukee's South Side as a push to improve Wisconsin education. Improving the education and experiences of students has always been a centerpiece of the philanthropic efforts of Gus Ramirez and his family. This outreach stems from Gus's experiences as a child and his recognition and belief that education serves as the foundation of our economic growth in the country.
The school opened officially in 2017 and we are moving the academic needle and having a tremendously positive impact on students, not only academically but as we develop them to be future leaders. Several years ago we set out to create a bold new school that was based on the belief that no matter where you were born, or the ZIP code you grow up in, all children are entitled to an excellent education. In our fourth year, Aug Prep is serving grades K4-12 and is proud to education and support nearly 1,500 students.
Our vision is for our students to be known by their strength of character, courage, intellect, impactful contributions and their faith. To develop our students to be tomorrow's leaders, we provide exceptional non-denominational Christian education and an uninterrupted K4-12 experience. The foundation to our model is our four pillars - faith, family, academics and athletics/arts. By prioritizing all four pillars, we holistically educate our students through mind, body and soul.
Our juniors grew their composite ACT scores by 5.6 points in just 2.5 years compared to the national average of 3.0 points; 10th grade students improved by 4.2 points in two years compared to the national average of 2.25 points
This stat we are tremendously proud of - The average score composite score was 18.28, with the highest being 27. In Wisconsin, the average score for economically disadvantaged students is 16.9.
59% of our juniors scored an 18 or above; 34% scored a 20 or above.
Families that do not qualify for a state scholarship (Choice or Special Needs Scholarship) have the option to pay tuition to attend St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, if space permits.
Tuition for 2023-2024 is:
Grades K4-8: $9,500.00
Grades 9-12: $10,000.00
Families may choose to pay tuition in full by August 1 or use our payment plan. 
The majority of our families pick up their students, others walk or bike and a few ride the city bus. Aug Prep does not offer transportation.