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Every child is naturally born with the ability to create, design and manufacture bold inventive ideas. We foster those ideas and provide our students with the tools and skills needed to turn them into reality.
In the elementary school, students learn general music and are introduced to instruments such as drums, ukuleles, bells and the recorder. At middle school, students learn the history of music and how to make music – even writing their own songs! As high schoolers, students are perfecting how to read and write music, learning a variety of percussion and string instruments and are able to join choir.
Early on, students learn how to create 2D pieces, followed by 3D and digital art. Our middle and high schoolers have the opportunity to show off their pieces at our annual Scholarship Gala as well as showcase nights. It is a unique opportunity for students to hone their skill, allowing them to express themselves as artists.
Building confidence and imagination, drama is first introduced to our K4 students where the curriculum is storybook-based. As students move through grades, they get a taste of forensics, improv, Shakespeare and acting at the high school level. In addition, students learn about the different crews that are important to the production of a play (lighting & sound, tech crew, stage and building), and have the opportunity to participate in two theatre productions.